Family Activity Study                                                 family activity study

The Family Activity Study is a research project being conducted within the Center for Transportation Studies at Portland State University. The purpose of the study is try to better understand how, why, and where families with children walk and bicycle and how physically active they are. The results of the study will help Portland and other cities create better neighborhoods.

We are asking families in a handful of neighborhoods to participate. For the study to succeed, we need families with all types of lifestyles to participate, even if you do not bicycle or walk very often. Participating families will complete a survey and collect data for five days, once this year and once next year. To recruit participants, we leaving fliers with all households in eligible neighborhoods.

If you want to participate and/or have questions, please call 503-334-3143, or email And for more information, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

We think this is an exciting study that will yield some important findings about making better neighborhoods, and we hope that you find it rewarding and interesting as well!

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